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An Index Of My Interviews With Authors and Book and Movie Reviews

For more than 10 years I've been interviewing a minimum of 20 authors each year.

Some of the highlights have been interviewing Roger Ebert (part two is here)
Robert Parker and most of my favorite crime writers from silly but fun (Lisa Lutz)  to deeper characters (Michael Connelly, James Lee Burke) to heavy thinkers like Sarah Vowell plus memoirists and others.

My interview with author Kate Atkinson was exciting because she included it in the paperback version of the book
An index of music reviews and musician interviews is here 
(last updated in Nov 2017)

The three most exciting recent interviews are two amazing mystery writers, James Lee Burke and Ian Rankin. The third is with Austin mother Sarah Barnes, who writes an amazing nonfiction picee about what it's like to raise a daughter (now in high school) with an atypical brain.
When i'm not doing interviews or fighting injustice via writing and activism I work with families like the Barnes though usually with folks with intellectual
disabilities often on the autism spectrum

All interviews are sorted by last name of the author - you can tell which title it is by looking at the name of the link

A few highlight from the last two  years- an interview with Cary Elwes, the lead actor of a great movie (Princess Bride) and the Greg Sestero, lead actor of one of the world's worst movie (The Room), and with the best-selling authors Laura Lippman and one of my current favorites Craig Johnson.

Many of the more recent media interviews have been published at Mystery People, part of Austin's Book People, a great indie bookstore,

Lastly if you wonder who I am
I wrote a two part summary of my life here: - part one here and part two here
 Author interviews - Fiction and non-fiction mixed together

Abbott, Jeff -  Interview With Jeff Abbott on Adrenaline, First Order and Last Minute-

Abramowitz, Andy - An Interview With Author Andy Abramowitz About His Debut Novel Thank You, Goodnight -

Abramson, Peter - The Dog Who Knew Too Much and Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street -

Alexander, Bryan -My Interview With Bryan Alexander, Author of The New Digital Storytelling: Creating Narratives with New Media

Anderson,Patrick- Interview With Patrick Anderson, Author of The Triumph of the Thriller: How Cops, Crooks, and Cannibals Captured Popular Fiction -

Armstrong, Lori -

Arthur, Charles -

Atkins, Ace - and
for the Ranger:

Atkinson, Kate -

Auletta, Ken -

Baldacci, David - The Collectors -

Barnes, Sarah -

Bazell, Josh -

Beauchamp -

Belden, Chris -

Belsky, R.G. -

Brown, Sandra -

Bryan, Bill -

Burke, Alafair and Clark, Marry Higgins -

Burke, James Lee - House of The Rising Sun -
and For Jesus Out to Sea-

Burke, Jan -

Burnett, John -

Burns Eric -
Carr, David -

Carey, Mike

Cartooncat -

Cerasani, Richard -

Chrome, Cheetah -

Clark, Lucy -

Clark, Marry Higgins and Burke, Alafair a -

Collins, Max Allan

Crais, Rober - The Promise -
and The Watchmen -
and Taken
Chasing The Darkness -

Connelly, Michael - Scarecrow
and Crime Beat
and- Overlook -

Crosley, Sloan -

Crowley, Kieran -

Cummings, John Michael -

Dangle, Lloyd -

Deaver, Jeffrey  -
and Sleeping Doll -
and -

Denby, David -

Earles, Andrew - Husker Du: The Story of the Noise-Pop Pioneers Who Launched Modern Rock

Ebert, Roger -
part two is here:

Egan, Jennifer -

Eisenhower, David -

Eisler, Barry -

Elwes, Cary - Princess Bride -

Friedman, Kinky -   An Interview With Writer Kinky Friedman, Author of You Can Lead a Politician to Water, But You Can't Make Him Think: Ten Commandments for Texas Politics

Fusco, John -

Fulghum - Robert -
 Gladd, Todd -

Gonick, Larry -
 Gordon, Howard -

Green, Tim

Hall, Tarquin -

Harding, John Wesley aka Wesley Stace -

Henshaw, Mark -

Hohn, Donovan -

Horwitz, Tony -
Hunter, Stephen -

Huston, Charlie - Shotgun rule and Sleepless -

Isaacson, Walter - Einstein -

Jacobs, A. J. - Guinea Pig Diaries -
and The Know-It-All -
Year of Living Biblically  -  -
Jance, J.A. -

Johnson, Craig -

Keen, Andrew - 
Interview of him is here:

Kurtz, Howard -
Leopold, Jason - News Junkie -

Lippman, Laura -
Lippman, Laura -I'd know you anywhere
Lippman, Laura - No Good Deeds -

Lopate, Philip - American Movie Critics - An Anthology From the Silents Until Now -

Lutz, Lisa
Lutz, Lisa -
Lutz, Lisa  -
Lutz, Lisa -
Lutz, Lisa and ex-bf David Hayward

Maraniss, David - Rome 1960 -

Marks, Stephen - Confessions of a Political Hit man -

Mnookin, Seth - The Panic Virus: A True Story of Medicine, Science and Fear -

Morris, Roy - Author of Lighting Out For The Territory: How Samuel Clemens Headed West and Became Mark Twain -

Paretsky, Sara - Body Work -

Parker, Robert -

 Pelecanos, George - The Night Gardener -
Pelecanos, George - The Turnaround -

Penzler, Otto -

Perry, Leigh -

Phillips, Lisa - Public Radio: Behind the Voices -

Plotz, David - The Best of Slate -

Poole, Eric - Wheres My Wand? - http:/

Portman, Frank - King Dork and Sequel to King Dork -

Rankin, Ian (Even Dogs In The Wild)
Rankin, Ian - Bleeding Hearts -
Rankin, Ian - Naming of the Dead -

 Rushkoff, Douglas -Life Inc
Rushkoff, Douglas  Program or be programmed ten commands for a digital age -

Sanford, John -

 Scott-Coe, Jo -
Sestero, Greg -

Shrum, Robert -

Simon, Scott of NPR - Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other-

Slaughter, Karin -

Soper, Kerry: Garry Trudeau and the Aesthetics of Satire
About Walt Kelly and Pogo -

Specter, Michael -Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific Progress, Harms The Planet and Threatens Our Lives

Spencer, Scott -

Sullivan, Bob - Gotcha Capitalism -

Straw, Tom -

Symynkywicz, Jeffrey -

Thorne David -

Tinley, Scott - Things To Be Survived -

Vasseghi -

Vowell, Sarah - l -

Walsh, Jim - The Replacements: An Oral History -

Wambaugh Joseph -
Wambaugh, Joseph - Hollywood Hills -

Westerson, Jeri -

 Westlake, Donald - What's So Funny -

Wilson, Charles - Chew on This -

Winslow, Don -

Movie interviews
911 Dust and Deceit -

Along Comes Kinky (Friedman) -

Happiness Is -
The Horse Boy (movie) -
Maz Jobrani (comedian) -

Book Reviews

Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music -
 Buckley, Christopher - Thank You For Smoking and Boomsday
Colbert, Stephen -

Elleree, Linda -
Groening, Matt- The Huge Book of - Hell -
 Herblock -

Hornby, Nick - A Long Way Down -
Isaacson, Rupert - The Horse Boy -

Keen, Andrew - 
Interview of him is here:

Martin, Steve - Born Standing Up -

Orange is the New Black (review/comparison of tv show and memoir) -

Schlosser, Eric - Fast Food Nation -

Stewart, Jon - The Daily Show's Book America: The Teacher's Edition -

Vowell, Sarah - Take the Cannoli - (My interview with Vowell on a later book is here -
Westlake, Donald - Comeback - (My interview with Westlake is here -

Wolfe, Tom - A Man In Full -

Movie and TV Show Reviews

Alice's Restaurant -
American Hardcore -
Bill Hicks  -
Bowling For columbine -

Bus 174 -
Butch Cassidy -
Control Room -
Devil's Playground -
Dixie Chicks -
Five things The Last Indiana Jones Movie Did Wrong -

Jesus Camp -
Johnny Cash Live Videos Concerts -

Jonestown -

Lars and The Real Girl -
Maya Lin -
Millions -
Motorcycle Diaries -

Orange is the New Black (review/comparison of tv show and memoir) -
Oswalds Ghost -
Road To Guantanamo -
Sicko -
Sunset Boulevard -
 Temple Grandin -

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