Monday, July 13, 2020

Dog Day Morning

Here he comes again, the young man collecting rocks. What is his deal? We have lots of rocks on our property but you don't see Rocky and me picking them up let alone putting our favorites in pockets... if we had pockets. But every day he walks by us and picks up rocks.

Oh and there's that older guy with him, with the almost shaved head. I wish he'd walk closer so we can lick that head.

Oh they're getting closer now - time to do our job.

What the humans hear: woof woof woof.

What we're really saying: Yo, move along, humans, just move along.

Both humans make eye contact with us so we increase the volume. They hate that!

Unfortunately, both sides know we have an invisible fence so we're not as scary as we like to think. Rocky's tried and tried to explain invisible fencing to me but I just don't get it.

The humans are almost out of sight.

Woof woof woof ("Yeah, you BETTER keep moving)

Rocky likes to add a line at the end:.
Woof WOOF woof ("Next time bring us some dog food and we'll be nicer")

This has never worked and I tried to explain to Rocky that until we get a human who speaks doggish it's not going to work. Dave said it's worth trying. I say if THAT is worth trying than so is taking another  run at the "invisible fence."

He suggests instead we go check on our "owner" to see if his son dropped more food on the floor.
So we do.