Sunday, December 31, 2023

2024 new years resolutions, including post new material to this blog


Like many I'm working on my new years resolutions list today
Below is a partial list I'll add to over the day. There will be a surprise item I'll add via live video on facebook at 8 pm
In no particular order
Run my first 10k which seems the logical next step after running 5 mile race at personal best average of 16:22
Possibly try a half marathon in the last half of the year
Run a 5k at an average pace under 15 minutes
Walk or run with Chris Jimmerson, Erin Walter and Laura Smith
Have lunch or coffee with erin..
For at least 10 years I read 100 books a year. I haven't finished a book since I started walking in October. So I just set up a goodreads challenge to do 25 books in 2024. More on this in the next few days
Catch up with Joyce Homan , my first ❤️ and a fellow book lover.
Win my first ever backgammon tournament
Read walking and books while, appropriately, walking and running on treadmill during Austin's super hot weather
Be patient and creative as i find ways to exercise outdoors (which i much prefer to inside) during those hot months.
On treadmill during one of the songs that make me move the fastest, usually industrial bands like ministry and punk bands like minor threat and bad religion I found I can get up to 6.1 mph for 3 minutes. In 2024 I want to extend that to 5 miles by summer and to 10 minutes by January
Run a mile under 12 minutes
Run with Byron Miller ... or at least try to keep up
Walk with BFF Vinni Miller if and when she is ready
There's a guy called Galloway who encourages runners to run run run take short walk then run run run. I created what I call the butki method, walk a mile, run a quarter mile, walk a mile. Keep in mind my first month I walked 99 percent of the time and now it's more 70 percent. In 2024 adjust my method to walk a mile run a mile walk a mile.
Consider doing a half marathon by end of year.
Start in February resuming Co-leading with Nicole am antiracism program called unlearning racism
Run with Travis Roberts
Walk , when he's ready, with Rob Sartin .
Add three new conversation prompts which I'll begin on Monday
In 2024 words of the day will sometimes be names of people who I want folks to know of or with a name ill post this afternoon. Just as how with crosswords clues involving names sometimes that name means nothing to others. I'll try to help with that. So before a post referencing a name I'll do a post introducing a person. In this case the person is George Pimpton
Continue, when she's ready and able, a favorite morning ritual of walking at 7 am with BFF DeAnna Medart
Continue working on my church sponsored project to use local little free libraries, especially ones in parks, to put social justice books in front of folks not normally exposed to them. I limit the social justice part of the library to 25 to 30 with the rest including non fiction and fiction of all ages.
I've expanded my definition of social justice to include mental health, discrimination by sex, age, orientation, etc Now that there's a bin at church people are donating books there and inside books, with help by Richard Halpin and Beki Halpin, is also donating books. In 2024 I'll keep pushing to get books by the austin library which would have to come in between after they are given to recycling reads and before they are pulped.
More activism work, more protest. I'll never forget that what pulled me out of my depression coma was a social justice action to protest an anti Trans group using children's storytelling hours in public libraries to teach hate.
Start 2 ongoing lists, one on ways you can help someone with depression and anxiety, and one on myths and things you should say. I do this not so you better understand why I am often battling negative, guilty thoughts as much as so you can better understand and possibly help those friends and family battling mental health. If there's interest I can start a monthly advice column on these topics.
Try to better understand and remember important things I forgot. I regularly forget that a few years ago I was diagnosed with tardive diskensia, a brain disease often caused by meds. Meaning one of the mental health meds I was prescribed caused me to start having facial ticks. Early on it was considered possibly Parkinson. This shifted my perspective ( there's that word again) on doctors. I grew up thinking all doctors are amazing and while that remains true for most I've had the same two doctors for more than 11 years and one of them gave me this thing.
I was diagnosed as disabled for life.
I had to take months of physical therapy to practice walking up and down stairs.
The irony is I regularly forget the name of the disease that caused sone memory lost.
The mind blowing part is when I'm asked why I started exercising at 55 I say it probably stemmed from watching Dad 🏃‍♀️ as I grew up.
I feel sometimes like my mind is Swiss cheese or a puzzle with missing pieces, which freaks me out.
Point being one of those oft forgotten pieces is that I had to essentially relearn how to walk at around 52ish, which both better illustrates the severity things and prompts a question... was the decision to start walking at 55 partly due to having to learn to walk again and being told the more you walk the less worried you'd be
I've gone from being unsure, just a few years ago, that I can walk safely up to my 3rd floor apartment to walking 220 miles this month.
I can't process that I forgot for years that life changing diagnosis. It terrifies me for I'm unsure if there are other huge life changing moments I forgot.
Put simply, was that the impetus to all this? To clarify I'm not sure I was ever unable to walk so much as I shuffled and was suddenly unsteady and nervous on my feet l.
From that unsure, shy walker to one who organized and led a 100 mile exercise campaign on reddit with participants from around the world.
By popular demand I'm setting up today on reddit 3 new international challenges: to exercise 50, 100 or 150 miles in January. If interested in participating but not wanting to join reddit message me and I'll set up a personalized challenge
Writing prompts at least monthly, some writing prompts, some picture or video prompts.
Resume writing more short fiction for fb and maybe longer fiction for a blog I barely used in 2023.
Lastly, for now, I will continue to collect and save and post inspiration or motivation quotes both to inspire others and remind those with depression that they are loved. Depression involves forgetting that and the t.d. makes that even harder to remember.