Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Positive Life-Affirming Story At A Post Office

In a time where I see so many people being selfish and we have candidates feeding ignorance, bias and hate it's so nice to see something truly life-affirming.

Three times this week i've gone by the post office to mail a package and each time there were at least ten people in line. This time I stayed at the post office on Parmer near Lamar.

Others today were also complaining about the line... until a lady got in life who was blind and asking about the line and fretting that the longer the line the more she had to pay taxis. Suddenly seemingly everyone was trying to help and it was such a good thing to see. I was in front of her in line so I'd feed her updates on the line while others helped her hold a package while she called a taxi driver.

A postal worker came by to see if she needed anything and she needed someone to help her write the address on the box so the worker helped her. 

Then when I was debating letting her go in front of me (not sure how the 12(!) in line then behind us would feel about it a worker opened a counter to help her finish up with writing the address and getting things sent.

I know i help those who need assistance and while many tell me how great that work is what's even better is seeing others doing the same thing, which is basically just being good humans helping others.

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