Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Value Of Movement

In addition to big goals with my chrage i have smaller ones, ones that may not matter to anyone but me, but hey it does fit into social skills:
Dancing... ok, maybe thats asking too much.......
How about moving, ok...........
How about any acknowledgement, to music on the cd or stereo, with your body, be it moving, forming the words with your lips if not singing, anything!
The closest i';ve gotten is one time he tapped his fingers to the beat against his leg (away from me, thinking i couldn't see it) - it lasted maybe ten seconds.
He picked up thriller from the library and I told him, ok, it is ILLEGAL to listen to thriller without any kind of body movement at all!
Nothing. No movement during the title song.
I asked - maybe someone told him it wasnt cool to dance. He said, no, he just doesn't like to.
And as i've said if I dance or sing he looks at me like i'm a weirdo and then sometimes stops liking that artist.
So there we are, i'm trying hard not to move or sing along with "thriller" and "beat it" and he's reading the lyrics and in no way responding to the mad beats.
Finally, i see two fingers tap a beat. he looks at me to see if im looking I catch it and look away in time. He doesn't see me catch this sight and he doesn't see that I notice he smiled... just for a second.

And i smiled.
I'll take it as win.
One small tap for him, one big victory for social skills.